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Microwave drying characteristics


Microwave drying characteristics:
     (1) uniform and rapid, which is the main features of microwave drying. As the microwave has a greater penetration capability, the heating medium can be generated directly within the heat. No matter how complex the shape of the body, heating is uniform and fast, which makes the body faster dehydration, demoulding uniform, small deformation, difficult to crack.
     (2) selective, microwave heating and the nature of the material itself, in a certain frequency of the microwave field, the water because of its dielectric loss than other materials, so water than other dry materials, heat absorption is much greater; Microwave heating is carried out simultaneously, the internal moisture can be quickly heated and evaporated directly, so that the ceramic body can be heated in a very short period of time and stripping.
     (3) high thermal efficiency, responsive, because the heat directly from the dry material inside the heat in the surrounding medium, very little loss, coupled with the microwave heating chamber itself does not absorb heat, does not absorb the microwave, all firing on the body, thermal efficiency high.

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