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Microwave Pyrolysis Furnace

    Microwave-assisted pyrolysis system adopt industrial grade and stepless microwave source to max ensure the durable and reliable operation; Self-researched microwave high temperature refractory material to max imporve its wave permeability and strength,

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  Item LF-PR1000-1
Voltage 380±10V  50Hz 
Rated Power 10KW
Microwave Power 0.01~2.80kW Continuous Adjustable
Microwave Frequency 2.45GHz
Ultimate Temperature 1200
Heating Space Dia 50x Width 350mm
Temperature Measured By thermocouple
Temperature Control Range 0~1300
Temperature Control Accuracy readout±0.5%
Control System 40-stored programmable segments for precision control; data storage;export data;display real - time data curve; dynamic data screen
Microwave Leakage 0.5mW/cm2
Microwave Leakage Detect Portable Microwave Leakage Detector
Feeding and discharge continuous and automatic operation
Alarm over heating and over current alarming
Water Chiller flow 2m3/hrated coolant capacity:5.2KW
Exterior Size 1300x900x2300mm  (LXWXH)

Microwave-assisted pyrolysis shows potential as an alternative to overcome the limitations shown by pyrolysis using conventional oven or furnace as the heat source. The use of microwave as a heat source is well known for its ability to provide fast and selective heating mechanism. When microwave radiation is applied to a material being heated,the resulting microwave energy can induce dipole rotation in atomic scale over a million times per second.This creates a frictional force between atoms and molecules within the material and in turn generates heat rapidly within the whole volume of the material, hence showing ability to generate a rapid and volumetric heating to heat the material in bulk.

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