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Why TiC based cermet inserts can be combined with high manganese steel inlay stability, can form a matrix will not fall off, and wear resistance can be 2-5 times to improve?


Why TiC based cermet inserts  can be combined with high manganese steel inlay stability, can form a matrix will not fall off, and wear resistance can be 2-5 times to improve?

1, TiC inserts and high manganese steel has a good wetting effect. TiC-inserts & high manganese steel both with Fe, Mn and other common components, the alloy surface to form a coating structure Mo2C, can improve its wet with the steel matrix, through the quenching, the alloy steel matrix into Martensite and a small amount of retained austenite, alloy hardness and strength are greatly improved. Alloy cast in the high manganese steel castings, after water toughness can improve its strength and toughness.

2, with a common work hardening characteristics, chromium-based TiC-based cemented carbide and high manganese steel composite casting, the processing of hardening speed, can quickly form a high hardness of the hardened hardening layer, the impact of abrasive wear capacity Increase the range.

3, can form a high hardness of the second phase of the particle, to prevent dislocation movement, thereby strengthening the matrix, and to disperse in the austenite precipitation of spherical carbide, to improve the shape and distribution of inclusions, to improve hardening, Sex.

4, the use of TiC inserts cast in the Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2 castings, the wear resistance and wear capacity greatly improved.

5, TiC inserts can be combined with high manganese steel inlay stable, with good tissue compatibility, with a unique performance, can form a matrix will not fall off. Inlaid TiC-based cemented carbide high manganese steel castings, wear resistance can be significantly improved in different working conditions, at least can be increased by 2 times, up to 4 times.

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