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High manganese steel crusher parts with TiC cermet inserts


For the High manganese steel

The wear resistance of high manganese steel is mainly manifested in its work hardening ability, adding TiC-based cemented carbide, reducing the stability of austenite, forming a large number of tiny second phase particles on the substrate, preventing dislocation movement, thus Strengthen the matrix, so that it has high toughness, high strength and good wear resistance.

Addition of TiC inserts can change the morphology of carbide dispersion in high manganese steel, effectively improve the wear resistance of more than 2 times, not only in high impact stress with good wear resistance, and low stress Still very wearable.

TiC inserts can effectively improve the carbon content, improve wear resistance

Adding a certain amount of chromium (generally 2-2.5%), can reduce the stability of austenite, you can get a high-quality wear-resistant materials, the processing hardening speed, can quickly form a high hardness of the hardening layer, Impact abrasive wear capacity greatly improved.

By adding TiC inserts through a special heat treatment, increasing the resistance of plastic deformation of the material, thereby increasing the initial hardness.

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