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New Breakthrough of Microwave Refractories


Refractories are classified into ordinary refractories (1580 ~ 1770 ℃), advanced refractories (1770 ~ 2000 ℃) and special grade refractories (above 2000 ℃) according to their refractoriness. They are divided into acid refractory according to their chemical properties, Of refractories and alkaline refractories. In addition, there are special occasions for the refractory material.

Acid refractories to silicon oxide (SiO2) as the main component, commonly used silica brick and clay brick. Silica brick is more than 93% SiO2 silica products, the use of raw materials are silica, waste silica brick. Silica brick acid-resistant slag erosion ability, but susceptible to alkaline slag erosion, its load softening temperature is high, close to its refractoriness, repeated calcination volume does not shrink, or even a slight expansion.

Neutral refractories in the main products are: corundum bricks, high alumina bricks, silicon Mo brick, mullite bricks, aluminum chrome bricks, aluminum carbon brick, graphite or carbon brick. Thermal shock resistance is poor, softening of the load is low. However, due to the high alumina bricks of the poor resistance to alkali erosion, it can not be applied to the key parts of the complex conditions of use.

Microwave sintering technology refers to the use of microwave heating method to powder material rose to a certain temperature, in order to achieve sintering technology. Microwave sintering for the general frequency of 2.45GHz, there are 28GHz, 60GHz or even higher frequencies. Boda microwave sintering technology, low cost, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, energy saving, and so fully meet the refractory high-temperature sintering technology requirements.

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