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Carbide powder milling technology


Carbide powder is obtained by tungsten (W) powder obtained by carburizing. Carbide powder properties (particularly its size) depend on temperature and time of the feedstock particle size of tungsten powder and carburization. Chemical control is also essential, the carbon content must remain constant (close to the weight ratio of 6.13% of the stoichiometric value). In order to pass a subsequent step to control of particle size, you can add a small amount of vanadium and / or chromium prior to carburizing. 

Different processing conditions and different downstream end-use processing requires the use of specific combinations of tungsten carbide grain size, carbon content, vanadium content and chromium content, by a combination of these changes, it can produce a variety of tungsten carbide powder. Standard Grade carbide powder, and customized according to user requirements tungsten carbide powder varieties up to 5 times the standard grades of tungsten carbide powder. 

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