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Application and development direction of ceramic coating technology


First, the application of ceramic coating technology

Aerospace industry: space shuttle fuselage skin engine turbine blades of the combustion chamber inner wall of the gear box transfer means
Power Electronics Industry: increase the dielectric constant.

Automotive: In order to reduce the weight and the development of a new generation of car engines, European and Japanese car manufacturers have adopted electrodeposited on the alloy Ni-SiC composite coating, this coating can greatly improve the performance of the membrane resistance, lubricity and high temperature oxidation performance. Zirconium oxide ceramic powder in the coating chamber the inner wall of the internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine can improve the operating temperature, the fuel savings and a simplified structure.

Application of cutting tools: high hardness, heat adhesion, high chemical stability, good cutting toughness, excellent cutting characteristics. Single and Double Layer tool, ceramic coating tool life is 1-2 times the original, multi-tool coating is 0.5-1 times the tool life of the ceramic coating,

Metallurgical and mechanical industries: metal smelting thermal processing and heat treatment should be carried out at a high temperature, high temperature to prevent oxidation of the metal, nitriding, oxygen diffusion, often in the heat treatment of metal surfaces coated with a protective coating.

Biomedical applications: the human body and to improve the biocompatibility of the metal.

Petrochemical industry: corrosion

Ceramics, glass production: increased strength and durability
Food packaging: heat-resistant, high barrier, transparency

Second, the development direction of the ceramic coating technology

1. Development of new coating: study and solve the thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic coating and the metal substrate matching, thereby enhancing the binding force of the coating and the metal.

2. Development of new technology: simple, low cost, high production efficiency and produce a defect-free coating process

3. Non-destructive testing method, toughness, bond strength.

Third, the cermet coating technology in the car with an internal combustion engine on the application

To reduce the friction coefficient Piston Ring and cylinder liner surface, improve the mechanical efficiency of the engine, thus improving the performance of the internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine piston rings on the application of metal-ceramic coating technology. With this technology, the engine costs increased by only 3% -5%, while the overall power and economy has been significantly improved, high practical value. 

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