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Solution to the fracture of austenitic manganese steel hammer with thick section


Solution to the fracture of austenitic manganese steel hammer with thick section
To reduce hot cracking, shrinkage and balance the strength and toughness of high manganese steel, the specific methods are as follows:
1. Increase the manganese content and use ultra-high manganese steel.
Manganese is the main element for stabilizing austenite. Mn ≤14%. With the increase of manganese content, the strength, plasticity and impact toughness of high manganese steel will increase.
Increasing the amount of manganese improves the stability of austenite and prevents the precipitation of carbides, thereby increasing the strength and plasticity of the steel;
increasing the amount of manganese further expands the austenite zone, increasing the austenite solid solution carbon, The ability of chromium and other elements in
turn improves the work hardening ability and wear resistance of steel.
For ZGMn13 castings with thick sections, carbides often appear in the interior after water toughening treatment, which reduces the toughness; brittle fracture often
occurs under low temperature use conditions; there are also problems of insufficient wear resistance and low yield strength. Using ZGMn17 can solve these problems
to a certain extent. Therefore, increasing the manganese content can not only solve the problem of hammer brittle fracture, but also improve wear resistance.
With the increase of manganese content, the incidence of thermal cracking decreased rapidly.
2. Adjust the carbon content to balance toughness and wear resistance.
In high manganese steel, carbon is beneficial to the formation of single-phase austenite and solid solution strengthening. The higher the carbon, the more carbides
and the larger the size, so the incidence of hot cracking increases.
3 Adjust the Mn/C ratio to balance toughness and wear resistance.
When the Mn/C (mass ratio) is about 10, high manganese steel can get better strength and toughness.
When Mn/C<10, it is beneficial to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel.
4 Reduce the phosphorus content and reduce the occurrence of cracks.

TiC ferro alloy-bonded carbides.  Extremely hard titanium carbide grains are uniformly distributed through a hardenable metal matrix.  The result is a unique combination of high wear resistance, with heat or corrosion resistance,  and readily machinable using conventional techniques.

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