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Zirconium carbide powder Application


Zirconium carbide powder Application:

▲ nanometer zirconium carbide used in fiber: different zirconium carbide and silicon carbide powder adding mode fiber content of the near-infrared absorption performance impact when fiber zirconium carbide or silicon carbide content of 4% (by weight), the near infrared absorbent fibers best performance, zirconium carbide and silicon carbide fibers added to the shell of the near-infrared absorption better than add effects in the core layer.

▲ nanometer zirconium carbide used in new insulation thermostat textiles, zirconium carbide absorb visible light with high efficiency infrared reflective properties. When it absorbs sunlight accounts for 95% of the energy of short wavelength less than 2μm after by thermal conversion of energy stored in the material. It also has reflective properties than 2μm infrared wavelengths. The human body infrared wavelength of about 10μm or so, when people wear clothing textiles containing nano zirconium carbide, the body will not easily radiated from the infrared. This shows that the zirconium carbide has an ideal heat, heat storage properties, can be applied to new insulation thermostat textiles.

▲ nanometer zirconium carbide used in hard alloy, powder metallurgy, abrasive: zirconium carbide is an important melting point, high strength and high-temperature corrosion-resistant structural materials. Its outstanding features make the cemented carbide has a great use of space. Carbide can improve strength, corrosion resistance and so on.

▲ nanometer zirconium carbide coatings can be applied to, as the high temperature coatings to improve surface properties of the material.

▲ function modifier carbon composite material - zirconium carbide: a modified carbon fiber can greatly improve the strength of the carbon fibers, improve the resistance to fatigue and wear resistance and high temperature performance. By modification of carbon fiber have been tested, the indicators are to catch up with the level of foreign, are now widely used in aerospace carbon fiber material modification effect is very obvious.

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