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The application of the shortwave infrared heating technology


Shortwave infrared heating technology is an efficient, clean, safe, high control accuracy, small footprint and easy operation and maintenance, etc., and therefore its use in steel plate production line has gradually expand.For the rich power resources, and lack of gas companies, to be heated and dried produce common products, shortwave infrared heating technology should obviously be the first choice.The narrow space for the transformation of the old units, shortwave infrared heating technology to better reflect the "plug and play" advantage.

IR wavelength range of industrial applications is generally 0.7 ~ 10μm, and for high-speed, continuous coating steel plate production line, usually 0.7 ~ 2.0μm infrared band, that shortwave infrared.

Infrared heating with conventional hot air heating biggest difference is that there is a strong penetrating infrared, which can be absorbed within the coating particles and coated substrate, the coating is heated from the inside to the outside or in synchronization; first from the traditional hot air heating coating the surface of the heating, gradually transfer the heat.Infrared heating of this heating mode, making full rapid evaporation of solvent coating, the coating to avoid air bubbles from the shell or fold phenomenon. The infrared wavelength is shorter, strong penetration, heating faster.

Shortwave infrared heating tube using tungsten, low thermal capacity, the device starts, can reach 80% of the energy output within milliseconds of time, up to 100% of the energy output within a few seconds after the same production line downtime or coating products to when the non-coated product switching, power output can be stopped in an instant, so it has a high thermal response speed, ensuring ready to use, that off the stop, avoid ineffective energy into the system.

Thermal response of up to a few minutes. Conventional hot air heating system, thermal response time is longer, and the unit short shutdown, the conventional heating system at all levels to continue to run normally.

Shortwave infrared thermal system heating temperature is high, such as the commonly used quartz lamp, the highest temperature above 2200 ℃. According to Wien's law and Planck's law, the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength of infrared energy density of infrared radiation, the higher heating efficiency.As the heat source temperature is 2000 ℃, the shortwave infrared wavelengths produced approximately 1.3μm, and when the heat source temperature is about 550 ℃, a wavelength of about 3.5μm.

Shortwave infrared heating system may be implemented without level control, the use of SCR control system, when the production line speed, change product specifications and varieties coating can easily be adjusted timely control, ensure the stability of the drying temperature.

Highest shortwave infrared heating system can be achieved 15.5W / cm2 energy density, and the amount of the energy density of the conventional hot air system is only 1.86W / cm2 or so, so the heating rate of infrared heating system is much higher than traditional hot air system, the coating can be dried in a few seconds completed in time.Such as a stove traditional color coating unit for up to 50m, and shortwave infrared drying furnace length of a new unit uses only about 5m.Shortwave infrared system can be arranged horizontally and vertically arranged, space-saving device.

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