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Microwave Trends


A microwave reactor and the reactor until a few days ago are still not very well, such as how to solve the liquidity problem and feeding solids and high viscosity of the liquid, and how the reactor to provide more detailed and more accurate information and accurate temperature gradient control of the reaction temperature and other issues need to be studied.

Microwave effect on the nature of the principle issues reaction as a basis for research will still be a hot research chemist microwave and focus. It can be expected that in the next period of time, this party will be more extensive research and to carry out.

Now microwave applications in chemistry is very broad, covering almost all areas of chemistry, it is undeniable that these studies in addition to a handful of reactions such as esterification reactions, the vast majority is still in the laboratory research stage, how to microwave technology applications implanted into actual industrial production to go, or the amount of microwave chemistry issue of enlargement has been a very important and necessary task.

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