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Engraving machine company taught you to lengthen the service life of the engraving cutter


If you want to use all kinds of carving machine well, you should attach importance careful observation to it on the everyday use, because only through observation can you find problems, correct and timely solve the problem. Such as the problem of stone engraving machine engraving cutter replacement , so when is the best time to change? By observing carefully, to change stone carving machine tool in the best time, not only can it save energy costs, but also it can improve production capacity.

After the stone carving machine tool have serious wear, cutting force can be increased to 3 times normal. And the cutting force has a great influence on the service life of spindle electrode, the life of the spindle motor and stress is inverse ratio of 3 to the power relationship. For example, it can increases 3 times under the condition of the cutting force , and carry on the processing for 1 minute, it is equivalent to the spindle use 27 minutes under normal conditions. Visible stone engraving machine engraving cutter after serious wear not only affect the effect of processing samples, but also affect the service life of the spindle.

So what is the best time replacement stone carving machine tool? We normally should be about two-thirds the knives' service life limit of time for tool change. Such as severe abrasion tool in 60 minutes, next time processing, it should be in 40 minutes in a knife, and get into the habit of timing tool change. This can not only ensure the processing quality can improve the service life of the spindle. Engraving cutter to replace, you must change in time, don't save the engraving cutter and affect the overall performance of stone engraving machine, if that, it finally do more harm than good.

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