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Improve the high-speed cutter safety measures


 Combined with high-speed cutter safety standards, by analyzing the finite element model, to meet the security requirements, you can take the following measures:

(1)to reduce the cutter quality and reduce the number of tool components, simplifying the rupture limit of the same diameter cutter body mass test determined the relationship between the different tools and tool component count the number of member contact surface between the tool structure, by comparison, Tool quality more light, the fewer the number of members and member contact surface, the higher the speed limit tool rupture. The study found a knife with a titanium material to reduce the quality of components, can improve tool rupture limit and speed limit. However, due to the sensitivity of titanium to cut and suitable manufacturing cutter body, so some high-speed cutter has been used to manufacture high-strength aluminum cutter body.

In the cutter body structure, should be taken to avoid and reduce stress concentration groove cutter body (including the knife slot, the chip groove, key-way ) will cause stress concentration, reducing the strength of the cutter body, and therefore should be avoided through the slot and bottom with sharp corners. At the same time, the structure of the tool body, said in response to the rotary axis, the axis of the center of gravity through the cutter. Blade and knife holder clamping, structural adjustment should be possible to eliminate backlash and require repeated positioning is good. Currently, high-speed cutter has been widely used machine tool spindle connection with the HSK large extent improved the rigidity and repeat-ability of positioning accuracy tool system, help improve the tool break the speed limit. In addition, high-speed milling machine folder diameter revealed a smaller diameter, knife teeth reduction trends, but also conducive to increase tool strength and stiffness.

(2) improve the tool clamping methods
Simulation calculation and the burst test research shows that high speed milling cutter blade clamping methods are not allowed to use the friction of the clamping, usually with a blade with center hole, the screw clamping way, or using a special design of cutter structure in order to prevent the blades to jilt fly.Knives, knife in the direction of the clamping force and centrifugal force in the same direction, best to control the bolt pre-tightening force at the same time, to prevent the screw early damage due to overload.Can be used for small diameter of the shank cutter, hydraulic chuck or heat bilges cold shrink chuck clamping high precision and high rigidity.

3) improve the dynamic balance of cutting tool
Improve on the dynamic balance was a great help to enhance the security of a high speed milling cutter.Because of the cutting tool unbalance to the spindle system to produce an additional radial load, its size is directly proportional to the square of the speed.Set of revolving quality for m, e centroid and the center of the rotor eccentricity quantity, is caused by the unbalance of inertial centrifugal force F:
F = em omega = U (n / 9549) 2

Type: U for cutting tool system unbalance (g. mm), the center of mass eccentricity e for cutting tool system (mm), m (kg) for cutting tool system quality, n for cutting tool system speed (r/min), angular velocity omega for cutting tool system (rad/s).
By the visible on type, improve the tool can be effectively reduced by means of the dynamic balance of centrifugal force, improve the safety of the high-speed cutting tools.Therefore, according to the draft standard requirements, used in high speed cutting cutter must pass through dynamic balance test, and shall, in accordance with the provisions of reach ISO1940-1 G4.0 balance quality grades above requirements.

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