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Powder metallurgy technology for industrial production to bring great convenience


The formation of the workpiece must be suppressed, baked and other processes, but due to technical limitations, the quality of the product is not so ideal. But now with the powder metallurgy technology, everything is different, it not only solved the problems of traditional industrial roasting, but also for the industrial production has brought great convenience, this technology innovation makes the whole industry has been developed.
In the absence of powder metallurgy technology, industrial production is based on traditional technology, but as people on the product requirements are getting higher and higher, it has been difficult to meet the requirements. Which also contributed to the technological innovation, a new generation of powder metallurgy technology is mainly metal powder or metal and non-metallic powder combination, after pressing or roasting and other technical preparation, made of molding and material utilization are very height of.
The emergence of powder metallurgy technology to promote the development of China's industrial enterprises, the use of this technology to produce products in the precision, permeability and other aspects have significant advantages, is the previous technology can not and solve the traditional processing Method of the many drawbacks.
Because of its advanced technology, the convenience is also conceivable, the powder metallurgy technology only need to use mixed powder, and add the right amount of plasticizer to improve the powder formability and plasticity, and ultimately can be pressed into the desired shape The In addition to some of the special requirements also need to be further processed, under normal circumstances, the burning of the parts are all can be used directly, the processing process has been greatly simplified.
It is the above mentioned features, so powder metallurgy technology has become one of the most used in industrial production, I believe its future development will be more broad road.
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