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Microwave High Temperature Tube Furnace


This industrial  microwave oven high temperature & high vacuum sintering furnace is a typical microwave test station with such advantages, such as rapid heating speed, high efficiency, and can make machined material in well consistency. It could provide a variety of work environment in the process of sintering, such as air, vacuum, protective gas, weak deoxidation atmosphere..etc. It mainly used in the process of sintering for below materials: magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, metal compounds, nitrides and other materials, especially for new materials’ developing, equipment,and trial producing.

Technical specification

Voltage                  220V±10V 50Hz three-phase 

Rating power              4KW

Microwave output power     0.01~1.4KW  variable

Microwave output frequency  2.45GHz

Max working temperature    1600

Rated working temperature   1550℃

Sintering space            D40 x 80mm (Diameter x Length)

Heating Rate              ≥40℃/min

Temperature control        Thermocouple

Temperature range         0℃-1600

Temperature accuracy      ±0.5%

Control system:  

-Three Model: manual/auto/constant temperature,

-40 segment parameters setting

-PLC, Touch Screen with data storage function,

-Display of real-time curve

-Dynamic Data Screensavers

Static ultimate vacuum     ≤150Pa

Vacuum System 

- Vacuum pumps, two-way pipeline atmosphere control, could fill oxygenated gas, inert gas, reducing gas and others;

Microwave leakage   <0.5mW/cm2

Alarm System        Over-temperature alarm,

Over current alarm

Precision Water Chiller    water flow 2m3/h

rated cooling capacity: 1.6KW

Furnace door protection   Close the door switch

Main part Dimension       450mm×700mm×400mm (L×W×H)

Overall Dimension        900mm×500mm×700mm (L×W×H)

Covers                  <0.5m2

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