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high speed inter metal compound arc spray coating


Utility Boiler wall pipe working environment is very harsh, hot corrosion is very serious. Boiler fuel is coal, coal contains S, K, Na, V and other impurities, formed during combustion SO2, SO3, H2S, V2O5, etc., in the air and O2, NaCl and other reactions in the pipeline surface deposition of molten salt, thereby corrosion damage accelerated material.

Through the conduit wall coating high Ni-Cr alloy coating can effectively prevent corrosion of heat, but the method is costly and difficult to promote. Fe-Al compound coat for its excellent resistance to oxidation and sulfidation resistance between the metal, in a variety of media corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, low density, low cost, in particular, can be widely used to reduce hot corrosion damage.

However, the Fe-Al inter-metallic compounds at room temperature low ductility and low fracture resistance properties deteriorate its forming process, greatly limiting its engineering application. Material preparation and forming integrated technology to overcome inter-Fe-Al intermetallic compound forming a difficult process shortcomings, high-speed arc spraying with cored wire (iron powder mixed bag almandine) combining, in the laboratory successfully prepared Fe -Al between metal compound and a composite coating (Fe-Al, Fe-Al / WC, Fe-Al / Cr3C2). The results showed that among Fe-Al intermetallic compounds and composite coating has excellent corrosion and erosion resistant properties. Fe-Al inter-metallic compound is known as "poor man's stainless steel."

Due to different cooling rates, the flat inner coating and submicrometer particles mainly microcrystalline, nanocrystalline structure appears in the local area, and found a small amount of an amorphous phase; high dislocation density inside the grains.

Fe-Al inter-metallic compound prepared by high velocity arc spraying composite coatings and has been increasingly used in naval heating surface of boiler tubes and tanks, armored vehicles and other engine exhaust pipe outer wall subjected to hot corrosion and erosion of the components.

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