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Plunge milling: high efficiency milling New Direction


Innovation and new technologies CAM programming tool allows plunging into an even more popular processing methods.

In general, plunge milling technology has been roughing applications in a processing method. In the use of modern technology for roughing process, there are many ways you can complete a workpiece roughing ranging from the use of conventional methods of "Z" level processing(low feed rate, depth of cut large)to high speed / high feeding method(using a small depth of cut high feed rate) processing, Since the programming, power consumption and other reasons, under normal circumstances, only when other methods prove ineffective or when problems arise, will shift top lunging.

The latest tool innovation and new technology enables CAM programming plunging into an even more popular processing methods, especially processed on older machines, such as the lack of high-speed machine feeding operation functions. 

Plunge milling CAM programming 

The main problem encountered plunge cutting programming. Insert milling tool path generation application areas is a lengthy and tedious process, because most of the lack of suitable user CAM package options, including the ability to adapt to various parts geometry (2D, 3D, etc.) and to all kinds of cutters capacity (side cutting machining center, etc.).TiCN cermet rods suitable for making CNC tools.

Side plunge milling is an important programming technique is at the bottom of each cut to produce some form of angular contraction (Figure 1). When force is applied to the lateral cut will push its parts from this corner to shrink it becomes necessary. The next step will likely what happens? Without this corner will be a problem to shrink inserts, because when the tool parts will quickly leave with the workpiece interfere with each other. 

Improved design tool

Lateral cutting applications, the force exerted on the tool so that the tool will be pushed away from the workpiece.The offset of the tool depends on many factors: such as infeed depth, feed rate and machine rigidity. Tool geometry and inserts will also be greatly affected by these forces, which is the latest improvement of a new side of the cutting tool.

Complex carbide inserts carbide inserts compression molding process, for developing new cutter to create the conditions, with such cutting forces cutter used to make smaller, thus reducing the tool offset error.In most cases, the use of this new technology eliminates the need to cut into the bottom of each of the manufacturing recession angle 45 °, and the programming is much easier, so you can allow the machine at the time of entry of the Prior drilling program (G81, G85), is particularly suitable for simple two workpiece geometry processing.

Of course, in the process will inevitably produce some bending forces, but also in the contraction, inserts come into contact with a small amount of material.Vice posterior horn should be increased on the lead angle, which is conducive to small amounts of materials, tools / inserts can handle during shrinking.

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