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Ti(C,N) based cermet rod with one central coolant hole


Our company production of Ti (C, N) based cermet(Grade:LFT15), hardness up to 92.5HRA, strength up to 2.0-2.1Gpa.Grain size less than 0.8 micron,belong to the ultra-fine metal ceramics.By adding carbon titanium nitrite and other metal and ceramic powder additive,Having a fine structure,can guarantee the quality of the surface of the work piece in various of cutting conditions.Having excellent thermal shock resistance and the optimal wear resistance and toughness,And having excellent resistance to plastic deformation and bur.

Cermet tool toughness higher than ceramic tools,More wear-resistant than carbide cutting speed faster,metal ceramics have excellent surface polishing technology and high speed machining technology.With high-speed finishing and milling technology for low-carbon steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel,to achieve superb turning, groove, boring, bearings and milling level.Having chipping resistance and wear resistance superior cermet.Having excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance,is steel processing the best choice,suitable for steel turning, groove, boring, bearings and milling.Covering a wide range of steel finishing to roughing field.

Metal ceramic hardness is higher than that of sintered hard alloy materials,compared with cemented carbide.Ceramic metal and black metal work pieces are of low affinity under high temperature conditions,can get a better surface finish,from low speed to high speed processing is possible. 

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