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Tungsten carbide glass cutter wheel introduction


Tungsten carbide glass cutter wheel Product description:

Tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel is environmentally friendly, be with no noise pollution and is quick and simple for operating when compared to tradition cutter;
tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel made of 100% original tungsten carbide materials, with excellent wear- resistance and 2 or 3 times longer service life time than reclaimed materials;
tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel is above 89.5 HRA Hardness, sharp cutting edge and high work efficiency.

Changsha langfeng glass cutting wheel items as follows:
1. Micro Penetration Diamond Glass cutting Wheel 
Used to cut ultrathin TFT glass panel in need of bending test.
2. High Penetration Diamond Glass Cutting Wheel
Used in high end LCD production lines, LCD panels, substrate glass, touch screen and auto glass.
3. Universal Diamond Glass Cutting Wheel
Can cut the ITO conducting film and glass at the same time when cutting touch screens.
4. Hybrid diamond glass cutting wheels
Can cut the thin glass less than 5mm including low-to-mid end LCD panels ans substrates as well as touch screen. 

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