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The Tic cermet rod TiC high manganese steel bonded carbide


The Tic cermet rod also known as TiC high manganese steel bonded carbide, the hardness can meet 82-89 HRA & 62 HRC, which solves the problem of easy to be broken with high hardness in high chromium crusher hammer. The Titanium carbide based high manganese steel bonded carbide rod can be used in bad working environment with strong high temperature resistant corrosive, that the reason more and more manufacturer of hammer crusher choose it as the insert material to enlarge the working life of the high chromium crusher hammer

TiC rod main technical indicators:
1. Hardness: 82-89 HRA
2. The density: 6.0 to 6.5 g/cm3;

Titanium carbide wear parts  are mainly applied to the alloy ball, hammer head, alloy plate and large crusher hammers, large ball mill wearing parts, improve the service life of equipment;The main characteristic of the TiC inserts: high temperature corrosion resistance, wear resistance;

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