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The safety technical regulations of air compressor


1.Before the operation, put on work clothes and work shoes, wear gloves and a dust mask.

2. You should carefully check before starting, the host computer, attached to machines, piping, valves, etc. must be in perfect condition, set the frequency of control pulse device, the filter resistance is controlled in a certain range of values.

3.Starting up.
3.1. Opening the first cooling water valve of imports and exports, to ensure the normal flow of cooling water;
3.2 .Start air compressor as stipulated in the air compressor manual;
3.3 Through the pressure regulator of the air compressor , adjust air tank pressure to higher than crushing pressure 0.1 Mpa;
3.4. Open the freeze dryer, ensure pressure meets the requirements;
3.5 .Open the purge valve and the sealing valve, adjust cleaning pressure to 0.2 ~ 0.4 Mpa, sealing pressure to 0.05 ~ 0.05 Mpa, then start grading wheel, from zero start gradually adjust the frequency by the frequency converter;
3.6 .Turn off induced draft fan inlet air regulator, and open the induced draft fan, then gradually open big regulator to the required airflow induced draft fan ventilation.
3.7 .Open the annular tube air inlet valve, adjust the pressure before crushing nozzles to 0.7 ~ 0.7 Mpa; Open trap counter blowing valve, adjust to 0.6 Mpa; Them one by one open cyclone separator and trap discharge valve.

4. Charging:
4.1 When charging, you should check the material in which coarse lumps and other hard materials, optional can be except, when necessary, to early screening, to prevent the card was admitted to the feed screw;
4.2 .During charging process, you should always check the current 
4.3.During operating procedure, you should check whether the inlet has suction , and adjusted by the blower inlet valve, ensure the feed is in the vacuum state;
4.4 .Always check the material condition of the material classification round plastic tube, appropriate use of mallet percussion, to prevent the excessive influence of the deposition material grading effect;
4.5 Checking cyclone trap (dust collector) of the material circumstances, regulating grading frequency and amount of ventilation according to process requirements , control the tail number of the material.

5.1. Stop screw feeder feeds, stop the compressor, close the air intake valve annular tube;
5.2. Close induced draft fan into the air valve and stop fan, stop grading impeller motor, close the purge valve and seal valve;
5.3 .Stop cyclone trap discharge valve closed;
5.4.Stop and lock down important switch.

6. The stripper can not reach into the discharge operation at the outlet to avoid hand injury.

7.Grading impeller speed can not exceed a predetermined value, to avoid 

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