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Several characteristics of a planetary ball mill


Several characteristics of a planetary ball mill

(1) Since the planetary ball mill has a large inertial force, so the powder can have a strong impact. With the force of the impact speed is increased to increase the square.

(2) in a planetary ball mill, ball mill and cylinder wall from point size and design only, but not with the speed independent of the rotational speed can be increased to improve the balls to powder impact force and impact frequency.

(3) planetary ball after ball out of the cylinder wall for complex motion on the bottom of the barrel, and constitute a strong impact on the powder and compacted and rubbed.

(4) Since the planetary ball mill the powder frequent strong impact, rolling and rubbed the like effect, so that the powder can be ground to nano-scale in a short time, or make multi-component material to achieve alloying.

Planetary ball mill grinding balls not only than ordinary ball mill the powder in about ten times higher than the impact force and impact frequency, but also for complex motion on the bottom of the barrel of powder compaction and strongly rubbed, so that the powder barrel in a relatively short period of time grinding to nano-materials, nano-powders produced and as many physical and chemical properties of the materials have undergone a fundamental change, thermodynamics and kinetics of solid state reaction conditions are different from performance under normal conditions, some of the conventional solid-state reaction at not, but it can be achieved well below the high-energy ball milling, and often appear similar to high pressure and temperature synthesis of synthetic diamond grinding, as after a certain breeds. 

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