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Blade approach often encountered the problem


Beating treatment .

1 blade during operation;(cutter wheel)

1.1 Check blade installation is in place.

1.2 Check the cut legs work mounting surface if there is debris.

The gap between the inner diameter and the axis of rotation check 

2 blade crack;

2.1 before use: finger finger hooked blade with a wooden hammer to gently knock a few, listening to the sound.

2.2 Use: When you install the mounting surface there because of the possibility of a hard object, the force caused by a fixed blade crack.

2.3 In addition to the above two cases, whether due to man-made or broken blade itself is a problem.

3 blade chipped;

3.1 Cutting Machine no idle for 5 minutes and start working.

3.2 element foot diameter is too large, it can be handled by adjusting the angle of the blade, according to the specific angle element foot diameter to be.

4 element feet cut constantly;(tile cutting tool)

4.1 is complete PCB element foot or part of the score is clear, check the PCB thickness and material, whether due to high temperature soldering process PCB deformation caused.

4.2 gap distance track and adjustable blade small.

4.3 Are the blade used for too long, a small gap appeared, without grinding.

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