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high-speed arc spraying aluminum alumina increased friction Coating


Slip handle ship main deck has been plagued by one of our problems. Many steel structures and components on the ship, such as the top deck, Equipment handling area, staff activity corridors, and other parts of the helicopter deck bollard, non-slip surface has a high need for coefficient of friction requirements in 0.6 above. Helicopters and security personnel carrier depends on sufficient friction between the tire and the helicopter apron and personnel sole and deck. Non-slip surface coating is now used as a conventional polymer coating (hfc powder)system, organic polymer composite coating that is composed of silicon carbide and a large size. Emery particle size of 0.45 ~ 0.9mm, the thickness of the coating is 1.5mm. However, this organic coating easy to aging, life is short, low binding strength of diamond coatings and polymers, easy to fall off during use, poor wear resistance, and thus the ability to maintain a differential coefficient of friction. Further polymer coating may cause environmental pollution.

Equipment Repair Surface Engineering Research Center of the method of aluminum-cored wire arc spraying speed effectively solve this problem. First group Al2O3 prepared Al cored wire. Skin as Al, Al2O3 powder core for the ceramic particles. In order to solve Al2O3 ceramic particles deposition rate, and the bonding strength of the aluminum matrix problem of poor in Al2O3 particle surface coated with a thin layer of ultra-fine aluminum powder, when such ultra-fine aluminum powder spraying low melting point is first melted due, not only to improve the heating effect Al2O3 particles, and intermittently formed aluminum film can be greatly improved with the aluminum substrate bonding strength.

The new non-slip coating on the main deck of the submarine chasers practical application. When the job, first on the substrate layer of corrosion-resistant aluminum spray coating for preventing seawater resistant steel, and then continue to spray a layer of Al-yl Al2O3 slip coating, final dilution deck paint sealing treatment as shown in Figure 5. The actual application showed that the composite coating relies on the role of Al2O3 particles having good anti-slip effect, but also have excellent corrosion resistance. It has become an effective means to ship non-slip handle.

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