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TiC-based cermets application


Conventional cermets (WC–Co) are tough and hard; however, these materials possess poor oxidation resistance and plastic deformation at high temperature, which prohibit their application at elevated temperatures. 

As a result, a growing interest has been given to the use of TiC-based cermets because of their sev-eral advantages. However, using TiC-based cermets in its early stage is not advisable because of their inherent brittleness at low temperature. 

Thus, scholars have attempted to improve the mechanical properties of TiC-based cermets. In general, the mechanical properties of cermets depend on chemical composition and sintering temperature. 

Thus, the present study aimed to summarize the current state of knowledge concerning the effects of chemical composition, microstructure, and sintering temperature on the mechanical properties of TiC-based cermets. 

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