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The principle of rubber vulcanized and merits of microwave vulcanized rubber


Raw rubber become soft after being heated, encounter cold hardening and crisp, not easy to mold, easy to wear and tear, soluble in organic solvent such as gasoline, intramolecular has a double bond, easy to happen addition reaction, easy to become aging. To improve the performance of the rubber products, we have a series of processing on raw rubber in production. 

Under certain conditions, to make the raw rubber and rubber vulcanizing agent produces chemical reaction, make the linear structure of the macromolecular crosslinking to become a three-dimensional reticular structure of large molecules, so that make the rubber material has Excellent properties of high strength, high elasticity, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.. This process is called rubber vulcanization. Generally the vulcanization process is divided into four stages, induction - preliminary sulfur - right sulfide - sulfur. To achieve this reaction, you must plus energy to curing temperature, and then let the rubber insulation in the vulcanizing temperature range finish the curing reaction completely. 

Rubber vulcanization maybe include various methods . The traditional method is to use rubber or far infrared heating steam curing process. However, due to the heating temperature is spread through external media slowly heat conduction to the inside, because the rubber material is a poor thermal conductivity material, rubber is heated to rely on the material surface to the inside layer of the heat transfer rate slowly, most of the time spent on leave rubber reaches the curing temperature. So it costed long heating time with low efficiency and poor uniformity of vulcanization. In particular, the old craft of rubber adhesion to eliminate the use of magnesium silicate (talc), resulting in rubber production workshop dust filled the air, the dust content in the air far exceed the standards prescribed by the department of the State Environmental Protection. And the overall state of cure of rubber is not ideal, this is because the surface is heated and vulcanized rubber layer varies in time under the conventional heat conduction, emerging of the phenomenon of uneven curing.

Microwave heating is completely different with conventional heating , the microwave energy to penetrate to the interior of the heating medium is directly heated as a whole, and result in rapid heating and energy efficient, greatly reducing the rubber vulcanization time to heating uniformity better quality than the cure high. It can phase into a pre-S phase in a short period of time over the prone rubber adhesion induction, get rid of the old talc used in the process of operation to meet environmental requirements, the production process allows the majority of the production process focused on a production line on completion, the high degree of automation, low energy consumption, savings in manpower, production stability, uniform product quality has greatly improved the production and working conditions.

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