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Microwave latest developments in organic synthetic chemistry


Microwave as a transport medium and heating energy has been widely used in various subject areas.As early as in 1969,US scientists Vanderhoff  on the use of domestic
microwave oven heating carry out emulsion polymerization among the emulsion polymerization,acrylic acid and a - methyl acrylic acid,accidentally found that compared with conventional heating, microwave heating can make aggregation accelerated obviously, this is the earliest record of microwave in organic synthesis chemistry, but at that time did not cause the attention of people.1986 Gedye and colleagues studied the esterification reaction in the microwave oven, which makes microwave technology as a new technology in organic synthesis and is a microwave organic synthesis chemistry marks the beginning.In just ten years later the time has gradually developed into a new cross-disciplinary --MORE chemically defined (Microwave-induced Organ is Reactions Enhancement Chemistry) ie microwave irradiation chemistry, also called a microwave induced catalytic organic The reaction chemistry. 

Compared with conventional heating, microwave heating can greatly accelerate the reaction rate can be increased several times, several times or even thousands of times, and because of strong microwave electromagnetic waves generated by microwave plasma often can not exist thermodynamics of energy state atoms, molecules and ions, which make some of the reactions of thermodynamically unlikely to occur.

Microwave organic synthesis reaction apparatus is also developed by the sealing of the reactor in the 1980s to the 1990s, atmospheric reactor and a continuous reactor and has a temperature control, automatic alarm functions. Microwave in Organic Synthesis also expanded.

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