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Microwave Chemical Sewage Treatment Equipment Features


Microwave Chemical Sewage Treatment Equipment Features

1. microwave energy water treatment technologies enables waste water treatment project in size (the traditional 1 / 10-1 / 30), has a short process, small area, diversification, short construction period, blocking the source of pollution; eliminate pollution due to human life and production activities on the rivers and lakes caused fundamentally.

2. Low investment in waste water treatment, low energy consumption, low operating costs;  for example, the cost of waste water treatment sewage treatment microwave is 0.8 RMB/ ton, the cost by conventional water treatment sewage treatment fee is 1.6 RMB / ton.

3. Independent of ambient temperature and the concentration of pollutants when treating a variety of industrial waste water sewage, raw sewage from municipal.

4. The effect of water, the process can be free to control the start and stop as needed. Microwave kill cyanobacteria special effect, can completely remove pollutants in wastewater to kill pathogens.

5. To achieve sustainable use of water resources and sewage to rivers and lakes polluted water into safe green water industry and agriculture.

6. microwave energy treatment of high concentration wastewater benzene, phenol, to meet emission standards.

7. The high concentrations of poor biodegradability of wastewater deep treatment.

8. flocculation and sedimentation speed and improve the speed and effectiveness of breaking.

9. miniaturized microwave sewage treatment system.

10. The device can be used with a variety of conventional methods such as chemical methods, membrane technology combined to achieve a better practical requirements, reduce pollution and improve the environment, water reuse, help to achieve circular economy.

Tip: If this type of device does not meet your requirements, we can be customized according to the requirements of development and design with the parameters you provided, to provide you with a detailed microwave treatment system solutions. 

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