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Industrial microwave production process and transaction process


Industrial microwave oven production process:

1.Technology combined with customer requirements and design drawings;
2 .Prepare equipment related accessories;
3.Shop floor materials;
4.Assembly and welding;
5. Microwave test;
6.Parts assembly;
7.Electrical installation;
8.The overall assembly;
9.The whole package

Industrial microwave transaction process:

1.To provide procurement solutions.
2.Sales give a specific offer.
3.Signed a cooperation agreement.
4.Pay advances, workshop began production.
5.Payment of the balance due, product packing shipments.
6.The product put into use, one year after-sales service, maintenance of life.

This is processes on the production and transaction process of industrial microwave oven of Changsha Lang Metallic Materials Ltd., if the clients have special requirements, you can apply to sales, hope our customers to know!

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