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Industrial microwave furnace


Recently, Mr. Liu Zhaohui, the chairman of Changsha Langfeng Metallic Materials Ltd. carrying the Foreign Ministry staff met the two leaders from the Government of Canada in Changsha Lotus Huatian Hotel. Two responsible people make Changsha Lang-Metal Materials Co., Ltd. as their final choice after they visited a number of industrial microwave oven manufacturers.This is their second time coming to china since they bought the microwave oven of my company in 2014. Because the usage of industrial microwave oven is good, They decide to continue to sign the procurement contact with us. 

The two sides held cordial and friendly talks, the two responsible people said they visited a number of industrial microwave manufacturers, only our company have good quality and good service, it’s worthy of the "Lang-Metal" brand, and then we talked in different models and delivery methods which will be related to effective communication and consultation, and we soon signed a contract., and taking photos with the chairman of the company Mr. Liu Zhaohui. 

Changsha Langfeng Metallic Materials Ltd. is a manufacturing company for industrial microwave integrated with development, production, design, sales, solutions; The company was founded in April 2009, covering more than 50 acres with an annual output of industrial microwave oven 500, microwave ovens are in line with industry standards, they are mainly used for the calcination of materials / process synthesis and small batch production. The main application  areas are as follows:

⑴Metal carbide, nitride, oxide material calcination / synthesis: SiC, VC, Si3N4, AlN, VN, CrN, ZnO, MgO, MnO2, ZrO2, V2O5, TiO2 etc. ;
 ⑵ Metal oxide ore reduction, the desulfurization metal sulfide ores;
⑶Lithium-ion battery cathode material: lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, the three elements, such as lithium iron phosphate;
⑷ Calcined zeolite catalytic material: TS-1, HTS-1, ZSM-5 and the like;
⑸ All kinds of ceramic pigment, glaze, sintered ceramic materials;
⑹ Rare earth fluorescent material synthesized: LED, lamp with three-color, long-lasting and the like;
⑺ Electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, carbide, sintered ceramic structure;
⑻ Ash samples for chemical analysis, and incineration.

Scope of application: The device is a standard microwave test workstation, with heating speed, high efficiency,  processing material with good consistency . It can provide work environment with a variety of air, oxygen, nitrogen and the reducing gas as the sintering process. It can be used for sintered magnetic materials, electronic cermet, structural cermet, metal compounds, nitrides and other materials for synthetic purposes. Not only the furnace has "high, low, fast, provincial" unique advantages of high temperature microwave technology, but also it is versatile, easy to operate, process reproducibility, good stability, a significant. Especially it is suitable for developing, testing, and production of a small amount of new materials.

Currently, the manufacturers of Changsha Langfeng Metallic Materials Ltd.  have marketed  industrial  microwaves to various domestic cities, and they have been exported to over 20 countries, Germany, Canada, the United States, Singapore, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Brazil and so on.

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