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Cutting aluminum and aluminum tool use


With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to have something metallic, which makes aluminum products increasingly used in many industries. Aluminum industry in the country is nothing more than general: general machine tools, engraving machine and CNC machining center is completed. For precision aluminum and aluminum alloy extent to choose the machine. Because of the special characteristics of aluminum, so no matter what kind of processing machines using the tool for now aluminum production industry in terms of efficiency, longevity workpiece gloss often unsatisfactory.

Characteristics of aluminum are as follows: Relative steel and high temperature alloys is concerned, it belongs to the soft metal, HRC hardness is not high, but it is less resilient. So the tool Xiangqiu relatively speaking, higher soft metal if to cutting high hardness of tungsten steel cutter, the blade will cut off, and the tool life is very short. It requires a high hardness, and high-quality non-stick blade cutter to complete the processing, knife only way to improve the speed of the machine, in order to improve efficiency.

1: Suitable processing materials: aluminum and aluminum alloys, aluminum, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, zinc alloys.

2: the effective removal of products around the burr, beryllium Feng problems, has good processing quality.

3: High rigidity cutter body design, vibrations suppressed, so that the surface accuracy, good gloss.

4: The unique blade groove design is conducive to the excretion of iron, aluminum pieces table light burr.

5: negative rake angle blade tip for maximum inhibition of chipping

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