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Ti (C, N) Based Cermet Rod


We provide Ti (C, N) cermets based CO and Ni as the basic material, with super hardness, low-coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and other advantages; in the cutting process can effectively avoid sticking knife, scratches and cutting modulation and other processing defects with high cutting speed; good flank wear resistance allows the tool at high speed cutting remains a longer tool life, and help remove chips achieve high precision machining.  

High hardness resutlt in efficiency & precision processing,longer service life help reducing cost.

Application: for #45 steel,die steel,harden steel,titanium,inconel,stainless steel machining;

2.easy brazed with steel for more applications; for fine finish,such as the molding of mobile cover, the keyboard of the computer, 

(suitable for CNC cutting tools,PCB, milling tools,indexable inserts,etc)

4.Drill bit;milling cutter;welding part; welding blade CNC tools for stone cutting drilling tools ;cast iron sheet metal, parting inserts, expandable reamers parting inserts, cermet rods, expandable reamers Work Hard Tools,drill Rods and drill Pipes, steel blank for core bit; PCB micro-drilling tools; CNC router bits; CNC end mill ball; CNC turning inserts; Perforated rod (reamer) do reamer drilling;etc.

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